Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trip Preparations

Yesterday Joshua and I drove to Northampton to get some work done on the Honda Odyssey that will be taking us on our family odyssey. There was some kind of mysterious computer error that was causing dashboard lights to come on--brake lights, ABS! and a flashing D for drive, even in "park" mode. While they were taking all day to figure out the problem, Honda rented us a very large, gas guzzling GMC Acadia. Being on the small side of size ourselves, sitting in those seats felt like we were driving a truck.

After acquiring the rental car we drove down to our storage unit in Woodstock to get our camping supplies and then to New Jersey to purchase the camping equipment needed for our trip. Thank goodness the kids stayed in Massachusetts with Lena. There was so much to do and so much driving that we ended up getting home shortly before 3am.

Just before heading back to the family we made a stop at the brand new Fairway supermarket in New Jersey and stocked up on some food supplies for the car cooler and also picked up some dinner from the hot food bar--Vietnamise Chicken and Korean Pork with rice and mushrooms and a mini samosa. Oh yes, and taboule on the side. Got a little stomach ache on the way home. I guess there is such thing as too much variety.

Today we found out that the car problem was something to do with a "connector," you know, the thing in the car that connects one thing to the other thing. Make sure you check your connector! You don't want to walk around unconnected, do you?

Today we will return the monster car and pick up the van, make more lists, clean up messes, feed kids, and generally make more preparations.

Started the day with a hot tub with Fiona and Eli. Nice way to start the day.

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