Friday, July 17, 2009

The Journey Begins: Ideals and Reality

As we embark on our Keroakian family nomadic experiment, I am filled with the enthusiasm that comes when one takes a leap into their ideals. At the same time, I am keenly aware of the stream of responsibilities and realities that go hand in hand with any expression of freedom.

Ideal #1: By letting go of our house, 2/3 of our things and many of our routines for a mobile lifestyle, we are expanding our sense of home. Eventually, we will all feel at home wherever we are, regardless of circumstances.

Reality #1: We will be developing systems and routines for setting up camp wherever we find ourselves. This means unpacking (and eventually repacking) two tents, five sleeping bags and rolls, a kitchen made up of a butane stove, two milk crates filled with cooking and dining supplies and a perishables cooler bag, a mobile music recording studio and office, five large duffle bags, five smaller day bags, and five even smaller "handy bags."

Ideal #2: By flying in the face of convention and taking a cross-country odyssey with a family of five, we are expressing the creativity and freedom available to all of us any time we summon it. We are teaching ourselves and our children that when things aren't working, you can just change direction and try something new. From this open context, all is possible.

Reality #2: Everyday continues to be a challenge to make a good life and a good living. Freedom is a state of mind, and the cell phone bills and auto lease bills don't care how free I feel or what state of mind I am in--they just need to be paid on time.

Ideal #3: As an artist, I have the tools and technologies available to be in a constant state of prolific output. Between my MacBook Pro, iPhone 3Gs, Apogee Duet interface, 4 microphones, 2 mic stands, hard drive, and journals, I can record, write, publish, and recieve real-time audience feedback everyday without a physical studio or office.

Reality #3: I fit in my creative expression wherever I can. Between driving, eating, answering the kids' multitude of ongoing questions, emailing, mobile banking, and planning, focus and privacy are precious commodities which will appear unpredictably and must be siezed. I will create when and where I can.

These are just a few ideals and realities that are dancing through this odyssey so far. Sometime the dance is a colorful play of opposites and somtimes it's a battle.

Right now, it is pure fun.


  1. there is always a bed or 2 in Austin... anytime, but, my advice is wait for cooler weather!