Monday, July 20, 2009

Being in Oberlin

The Honda Odyssey pulling away to start the odyssey.

Here we are in the driveway in Wendell about to set off on our journey.

We've had a lovely several days staying with our wonderful friend, Rebecca, in Oberlin. It has been just great showing the kids where we met, where we were married and where we started to find out so much about ourselves and our place in the world.

There have been many improvements made to this great school in twenty years. Hard to get my brain around the fact that I graduated twenty years ago. That is just weird. We took a tour with a student intern from the admissions office. Going around campus with her and walking into many of the buildings brought back so many memories. I remembered how much fun I had going here and what a deeply rich experience it was. Sending me here for college was one of the greatest gifts my parents gave me. I'm feeling really appreciative of that. I'm glad we'll get to pass through here again in September.

We're still figuring out how we do this whole traveling thing--which bags to bring in which situations, the food, the sleeping arrangements. I love our little family and the way we all look out for each other. We're working it all out one little piece at a time.

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