Saturday, July 25, 2009


Fiona and Eli asleep in Mankato, Minnesota.

Visiting with Andrew and Catherine at a wonderful breakfast place in Madison.

Last night stayed in St. Paul with some very new, very generous friends who let us stay in their apartment after only knowing us for a few hours and they even let us stay there after they had to leave the state for their daughter's wedding the next morning. We were nourished by their hospitality and thrilled by having such a colorful and comfortable place to stay. Although traveling is so much fun and on this particular journey, quite the adventure, it is tiring! So many constant new experiences for all. Being taken care of by other kind souls is so nourishing.

Several of us got a bit too hungry this morning, so we made some toast to tide us over. We went to visit some friends from Japan that we hadn't seen since our last cross country trip twenty years ago. We chatted with them for a long time while Eli ran around the yard alternating with Isaac and Fiona as playmates.

I am noticing that I am inclined to write a lot about food. I guess it is because feeding everyone is such an accomplishment on the road--especially the almost seven year old! The eating in and of itself is such an adventure. For dinner tonight we went to a noodle restaurant. They served all styles of noodle: Asian, Italian and American. It was a simple solution. Too bad the seven year old isn't fond of pasta. I thought all kids liked pasta. Hm.

After stocking up at the last Whole Foods we will see for several large states, we drove to Mankato, Minnesota, where we are now, in a Days Inn getting ready to head into South Dakota tomorrow.

Here is a little request. If you are reading this blog, leave a little note or hello if you would. It is so nice to feel you all with us on this journey, and we love hearing from all of you!


  1. Hi Pearls!
    I am reading along. Cora, I know what you mean about feeding everyone. I feel that every day with 2 picky kids, my own weird diet and my elderly father. It really is an accomplishment!

    It's so nice of you to post your updates. Traveling is tiring enough without creating a beautiful blog about it!


  2. I'm thoroughly enjoying the blog, too. Nice to read longer posts than on facebook and love seeing the pictures.
    Glad to see Eli is getting his beauty rest and hasn't lost his sleep mask!
    So fun to take the trip with you via the blog.
    Love to all the Pearlies!

    LL(on Sen's gmail)

  3. Matt here at my desk at Mount Baker Theatre. The Sunday Matinee of Butterflies Are Free is letting out right now. Reading this makes me remember some things Michelle and I learned while making the big cross country drive, twice. If there is a place you want to explore up ahead, make sure to plan for a day with no driving at that place. We found that it is hard to explore a worthy site and cover distance all in the same day. One day of driving, one day of exploring, if you have the time.
    See you soon!!

  4. Hey Cora,
    We are out here cheering you all on! It's wonderful to picture you all making your way across this big wide country. So very cool. You will have stories and memories (as will your kids) that will last forever. Lots of love,
    P.S. We were excited to see Fiona's picture in New Moon!! And I'm happy to have her as my newest FB friend :-)

  5. Thank you all for your loving (and useful, Matt) comments! It is so nice to feel that there are friends out there actually reading this and also nice to feel like we are writing TO someone(s). More soon from South Dakota!
    Love, Cora

  6. Hi Cora and family! I've been following your blog--sounds like such a fantastic trip so far. Travelling across the country is something I've always wanted to do, so your stories are fascinating and inspiring. Keep writing!

  7. Loving reading about where you are, and glad to hear of the kindness of strangers.
    I'm packing, we leave tomorrow. See you soon.

  8. Hi Pearls - we loved meeting all of you and getting to be friends - we'll enjoy following your journey this summer. When we told our daughters about Isaac going to NBTSC in Vermont, they reminded us that a friend of theirs is one of the organizers of that camp - Sarabeth Matilsky! They'd love for Isaac to give Sarabeth a bit hug from Nia & Mavis when he gets there in Sept.

  9. Hey Cora and family,
    I love reading about your adventures, we absolutely loved almost every minute of our drive and learned how truly beautiful our country is. Can't wait to see you all and introduce you to my busy, crazy family. Take care.