Monday, August 24, 2009

A Rough Night

Being eaten by a sculpture in Portland in front of the sports arena.

A rose petal creation by Eli made from rose petals from the Rose Garden in Portland.

My feet on the beach. This was the softest finest sand I have ever felt.

The Oregon coast. It is rougher than the California coast, but just as beautiful.

August 24th, 2009

I am in a hotel right now, and very happy about that. Last night was really really hard! I did some kind of funny body twist as I was getting into the tent last night and my lower back became the locale for a pain festival. I also ate some tomato meat sauce pasta in a swarm of bees and the food was yummy but kept me awake. On top of that I was over the top hormonal (still am) and had to pee horribly badly. It was so dark and I was afraid of bears and so it took hours before I finally hobbled out of the tent and did my business. Back in the tent I kept trying to do deep breathing and stay calm and not trust my destructive thought cycles, but the sleeping bag was so narrow and my hip was starting to hurt too, and finally, I just started sobbing. I did it quietly, however, so as not to wake up the rest of the sleepers. I used great restraint in not waking up Joshua through all of this, thinking it was better that at least one of the adults got some sleep. I kept thinking that I would just get up with the sun and maybe take a walk or something, but the sun was not there! I think I was squirming around for a good three or four hours. I finally fell asleep just as the sun was coming up.

Today when I woke up I could hardly move. Fiona had to help me pack up and put my shoes on and Joshua had to help me lift my legs into the car to get in my seat. I couldn't even walk to the bathroom. He had to drive me there. Once I was still in the car the pain wasn't so bad, so long as I didn't twist or move much. We drove to Talent, Oregon where of all people, we were meeting a friend from Woodstock who is now living there, who is a body worker/healer! He did some EFT on me and some other strange healing thing involving an invisible green dragon and I have been a lot better since. Still in a little pain, but much much better.

So I went from hell and misery and despair into a whole lot better in less than 24 hours. It can happen. I wouldn't have believed it last night though!!

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