Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Eli tired and overwhelmed during a long and intense day in San Francisco. Never too tired for a costume though.

A street in San Francisco.

A wonderful reunion with a very special friend from Japan.

Seaweed prize on the beach in Santa Cruz. This thing was very heavy!

Waves went crashing through this small space. The kids saw an octopus floating in it.

An incredible rock formation. I think it looks like a brain.
That little person in white is Joshua, walking through the luscious green plants growing on the cliff by the magical secret cove.

Paradise by the side of the road on Route 1.

We spent about a week and a half traveling in California. We went to Berkeley, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz and stopped along the way on the coast, resting at several beaches. Our family unit was so nourished by being at the beach. The crashing of the waves and the texture of the sand reliably absorbed the buzzy traveling energy of riding in the van for hours at a stretch. The promise of a beach visit immediately shifted Eli's mood every time. We eventually learned that no matter how short the visit, putting on a bathing suit was essential for Eli, since he immersed himself in the water, no matter how high his pants were rolled up.

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